English foundation paper 2023

English foundation paper 2023 / English foundation paper 2023 2nd year

1. Where did the poet see the Daffodils?

Beside the lake, beneath the trees

2. The poem Daffodils is written by?


3. The bangles are described in first stanza as?

Shining, delicate and bright

4. What is compared to ‘ field of sunlit corn’ ?

Golden or yellow bangles

5. What is the root cause of our problems and should be the object of our fight?


6. Which of the following book is not written by Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam?

A House of Mr. Biswas

7. Lencho wrote to God for 100 pesos because?

To resow his field

8. Lencho calls the post office people?

Bunch of crooks

9. A violent tropical storm with wind moving in circular motion is?


10. God sees the truth but waits is written by?

Leo Tolstoy

11. The poet finds stars and daffodils similar because?

The stars are endless and infinite

12. Poet compares himself to cloud because he too is?

In a state of loneliness and detachment

13. The central idea of the poem ‘The Bangle Sellers is’ ?

Appreciate every stage of life

14. Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam will always be role model for?

Young people of India

15. The prominent trait in Lencho’s character is?

Faith in God

16. Lencho’s prayers were granted by?


17. What is a Samovar?

A decorated tea urn

18. What is a troika?

A Russian horse vehicle

19. The protagonist in story God sees the truth but waits is?


20. The antagonist in story God sees the truth but waits?


English foundation paper 2023 2nd year Read the passage carefully and answer the questions

Graduation is only a milestone in life’s journey. It does not mark the end of the education road. In fact, it is the commencement time, the beginning of a new journey.

This journey will be a test of one’s toughness of mental and moral attitude. The new experiences, the new problems and new situations will demand from you the exercise of qualities for whose fostcring the university functions. The future will give the powers and responsibilities to you.

1. What is only milestone in life’s journey?


2. Does graduation mark the end of the education road?

Not at all

3. What will the future provide the students with?

Power and responsibilities

4. The historic role of education classes in future of new India cannot be?

Over estimated

5. Who can train men for leadership?


6. Education plays an important role in?

Character building

7. Education in university should also aim at?

Job orientation


9. A suitable title for the above passage is?

Role of education

10. The experience acquired during University education prepare for future life?


31. A formal letter can also be called?

Professional letter

32. In a formal letter, the key point is?

Subject matter

33. The opening of a formal letter comprises?

Informing the purpose

34. What type of writing is notice?

Formal type

35. What’s comes first in notice?

Name of the organization

36. What are the external forces that influence advertising?

Social, Economic and Technology

37. The purpose of a notice is to?

display information to a specific group .

38. What is the main motive of advertisement?

Display of product

39. Phonetics is defined as?

The system of speech sounds

40. Which accent is used in India?

Indian English

41. Pull one’s leg means?

Tease someone

42. Shake like a leaf means?

Nervous or frightened

43. Crocodile tears indicate?

Fake tears

44. Take a back seat means?

Sit on rear side

45. Heard melodies are sweet ……. those unheard are sweeter?


46. Oil does not blend …. Water any more than iron floats …. it?

Into, in

Why were you late yesterday

48. She ran so …… that she was able to catch the running bus?


49. Choose the correct spelling?


50. Choose the correct spelling?


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